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I believe you are beautiful.
I have a dream that you would feel empowered in your natural skin. I believe in the power of a photograph. Support + share the movement.


Lunchbox Typeface by Kimmydesign (72% off).

Have you ever had to eat your words? Well, if you’re using the right font, that can be easier than you’d think. Take a look at the scrumptious Lunchbox Typeface by Kimmy Design! This tasty morsel of a font offers over 1,500 different characters to build an unlimited number of letter combinations.

Hand-drawn and somewhat sketchy, Lunchbox is a true delight for all the senses. This quirky font offers so many different options that it really comes across as 4 fonts in 1! 

Get it here:



Tabloid Headlines - If they weren’t sexist, Vagenda Magazine


Leave me alone


There is an OFFICIAL corgi race. It’s happening. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Join us on Friday, May 2nd, 7:00 p.m., at the Whatcom Pavilion, for the Bellingham Slam’s First Annual Corgi Race.

Follow us @BellinghamSlam and Like us on Facebook for updates on the event! Tickets at the gate are $10. You can buy tickets on our website

Get yours before they sell out!

Want to register your Corgi? E-mail for more information.

Omg I can’t wait to go! #bellingham


Thanks for making this past year so awesome and here’s to one Helvetica of a 2014!
Cheers,The WORDS BRAND™ Team